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We Feel Your Pain And Are Here To Help You On Your Path To A Healthier You.

Foley Chiropractic, PC, an international authority on Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, specializes in the care of patients suffering from severe back pain due to herniated and degenerative spinal discs, sciatica and facet syndrome.


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Our goal and driving determination at Foley Chiropractic, PC is to deliver the best health care available to the public by addressing the three main factors that determine an individuals future health, well being, and longevity. These three main factors are: 1.) Pain Reduction, 2.) Correcting the underlying cause of your problem, and 3.) Supportive care to maintain you health.

First, our training has positioned us to be the best at relieving your pain. Our education has prepared us to specialize in this facet of health care alone. We have studied physical medicine techniques from around the world and combined them with the scientifically proven methods of spinal decompression therapy to rapidly accelerate your pain relief. You can also expect the latest in technological advances in spinal decompression technology with the FDA-cleared DRX 9000 decompression table. This remarkable treatment has been clinically shown to have an excellent success rate for back pain associated with herniated, bulging, or degenerative discs, sciatica and pinched nerves, and chronic back pain.

Secondly, we do not just treat your symptoms, we address and correct the cause of your pain in a step by step process. Researchers agree that this is the most effective way to manage your pain. You can expect us to be the leaders in rehabilitation and corrective care. We also guarantee that we will always maintain the highest quality education and research to provide you with the best available care.

Thirdly, we will transition you to supportive follow-up care to maintain your new found level of optimum health. This process is assured to rapidly relieve your pain. You will also experience increased levels of productivity and performance as you regain your active lifestyle.
Foley Chiropractic, PC is ready to become your stepping stone to better health.

Click on the Contact Us page and Call Now for an appointment today. We look forward to starting you on your path to a pain free and healthier life.

Our clinic recognizes this new technology can help many patients who have had little success with other conservative treatment. Spinal Decompression has been the most important medical advance in the non-surgical, non-invasive treatment of back pain in the past 10 years. This FDA cleared Spinal Decompression technology is presently being utilized by neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractic physicians, family physicians, pain specialists, and physical therapists across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

We now can help patients that prior to Spinal Decompression would have had to live in pain for the rest of their lives. They come to us when other treatments have failed to give them relief.


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If you are suffering from Chronic Low Back and Neck Pain, Sciatica, a Herniated Disc, Bulging Disc, Spinal Stenosis, or Pinched Nerve... Then you can find out what one Saratoga Springs, New York doctor is doing that has everyone talking.

Serious back and neck pain in the form of sciatica, herniated disc, bulging disc, or spinal stenosis can be treated using non surgical spinal decompression. Learn more about this safe and easy back pain treatment offered by Foley Chiropractic, PC by reading about our chiropractic services; check out the spinal decompression reviews from our satisfied clients; read questions and answers about spinal decompression; do your own spinal decompression research; visit the spinal decompression education center; and read Foley Chiropractic, PC spinal decompression blog.

The Foley Chiropractic, PC is located in Saratoga Springs, New York and is proud to treat residents in Saratoga Springs, New York suffering from back and neck pain; including everyone in for conditions ranging from herniated disc to sciatica to spinal stenosis.